Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Menu Planning

This is my first attempted at menu you planning and I was going to wait until I had a more creative page but I figured my reason to menu plan is to be more organized.  School starts in two weeks and I need to be more organized.  So bare with me and hopefully the blog will improve.

This week's menu.  Now, I don't plan by day as things change based on the daily schedule.  I just plan for 7 meals during the week.   We have a couple take-out nights becasue we won't be home around dinner time.

Meal #1:  Swedish Meatballs Recipe with Asparagus
Meal #2: Tortellini-Sausage Soup with bread
Meal #3: Chicken Cordon bleu with Rice & steamed carrots
Meal #4: Chicken Tacos
Meal #5: Sub sandwiches
Meal #6: Eat out
Meal #7: Eat out

Breakfast this week includes:  Fruit Danish from Costco, french toast, pancakes, Eggs and bacon, cereal and bagels with cream cheese.

Lunch will mostly be sandwiches, quesidillas, yogurt, fruit and leftovers.

Now, I realize my menu isn't very gourmet yet but my goal is to get back to cooking healthy meals for my family at home.

Need some more inspiration check out this site:  Organized junkie Monday Menu planning

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