Sunday, January 22, 2012

Menu Planning for the week of January 15th

Opps.... forgot to post last week's menu.  Plus, last week we had tons of leftovers so, I did not make the Pork chops with applesauce and pasta and zucchini.  Nor did I make the Vietnamese Shaking beef with Rice.   Now, I'm going to make a promotion for Tupperware Fridge Smart Containers.  If you don't own these run out and buy them now.  I love these containers.  Basically, they keep your vegetables and fruits fresh.  At first when I got them I was pretty skeptical but now I'm a firm believer.  For example, in the summer I usually buy the strawberries from the road side stand.  But if you are like us it is almost impossible to eat them all before they go bad and you always end up with moldy strawberries.  Well, not with Fridge Smart Containers, your strawberries will stay fresh for weeks.  I'm serious.  I use it a lot for lettuce and spinach.  These items tend to go bad really fast.  So, last week when I didn't make the Pork chops with Applesauce and the pasta and zucchini, I was happy my zucchini was in my containers and I was able to eat it the next week.  Love the no waste....  So, here's the menu:

Meal #1:  Prime Rib, gravy, mashed potatoes and green beans (over the Christmas Holiday I ordered a prime rib for Christmas dinner but the meat guy told me to order 7 ribs for 10 people.  Well, when I got it was huge.  So, I cut off 3 ribs and froze it.   Plus, I froze the extra gravy from that day as well.  The meat was good but not as good as eating it fresh.  Just a little off... the gravy was great).  (Cook Illustrated/America's Test Kitchen Recipes)

Meal #2:  Prime Rib Panini sandwiches, carrots with hummus (leftovers)

Meal #3:  Pork chops with applesauce, pasta and zuchhini (Skinnytaste recipe)

Meal #4:  Turkey meat spaghetti with pasta, asparagus and garlic bread (Cooking Light Recipe)

Meal #5:  Baked Salmon, rice and steamed carrots (My Costco Staples)

Meal #6:  Chicken Enchildas (Rachel Ray Recipe)

Meal #7:  Take-out ---- Pizza

I did minimal shopping last week and really tried to use up those frozen leftovers.

Ready for next week's challenge!

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